BT Web Protect. Is it Any Good?

By Unknown on 02/12/2020 10:05

BT Web Protect; Is it Any Good?

When it comes to protection against viruses, scams and phishing, you want the very best security for your devices. In a technologically advanced world, there are more opportunities to get hacked and scammed online. Fraudsters can pretend to be someone they're not and can hack into your device through viruses. Luckily, with BT Web Protect and BT Virus Protect, the threat is minimal.

Usually, you will be alerted to viruses and phishing attacks by a warning page, and BT Protect aims to make you aware of these scams plus many other features. So, if you find yourself asking the question, "Does BT Web Protect work?", read our article to find your answer.

Main Features

BT Web Protect is a free security service provided by BT that works on computers, tablets, mobile devices and any other product that is connected to your internet. This means that your protection isn't limited to just one device, whereas with some broadband providers, you have to buy protection extra. BT Protect works with your router and any BT wi-fi hotspots, and no extra software is required.

To set-up BT Web Protect, you don't need to buy anything extra, as it is all done on their website. The company pledges to not allow the virus protection to slow down your broadband, and you will be diverted to a warning page when you're about to visit a potentially harmful website. If you know for certain that a site is safe, you can easily turn off BT Web Protect and override it. Also, it works for both your emails and when you're browsing the internet.

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If you're already a BT broadband customer, then Web Protect is free, protecting all customers from scams and phishing attacks. BT Web Protect works on all devices, including Android phones and tablets, and can be paired to a number of devices. You won't have to worry about buying extra protection with BT, as it's all there for you at the ready.

Virus protection works whether you're at home or connected to a BT wi-fi hotspot, so you're always safe on the go. Simple set-up means that you're not wasting time or waiting for someone to help you out, and BT's guarantee that it won't slow down your broadband speed means that you can get on with your browsing or streaming without worry. BT Web Protect works in your emails as well as in your search engines, so you're protected from any threats you may face online.

Although some other malware protection services may be better than BT Web Protect, this software can be quite expensive and its full service might not be necessary for everyone. With BT's service, you're protected from direct threats to your device's safety. It comes free with your broadband package, so you don't need to worry about extra costs.

In Conclusion

Most broadband providers include a form of viruses and malware protection in their packages, and some team up with big names to provide you with the best protection online. BT Web Protect is free, reliable and does the job effectively and efficiently.

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