Price is not everything. You need solid Wi-Fi

By Pete Lowes on 19/02/2020 21:59

Ultrafast Broadband with poor Wi-Fi is like a Ferrari with no petrol.

A customer on Twitter asked us for recommendations as to which ISP gave the best WiFi router. This is a great question, and one that everyone should think about when switching broadband providers.

The answer is different for everyone. We all have different requirements - so we're going to group you up and try and answer one at a time.

Small Homes:

Cosy. You should have the easiest time here. WiFi from any provider should give you what you need. If you're in an old house with walls that are blocking your signal, a more powerful router won't be much help here. Instead, we'd recommend a powerline WiFi extender. This will have two plugs; one which goes near your router and plugs into it - and the other will go in the room you want a better signal.

Medium-sized Homes:

A little more difficult, but again, most rooms should be covered. You're likely to get dead spots in various parts of the house which could be solved with a 'mesh' solution. You can buy Wi-Fi mesh products online, or search for a provider that includes them. Some providers now offer a Wi-Fi guarantee which could cover you here too. If they fail in their promise, you're likely to get a small credit though, not a better hardware solution.

Large Homes:

Well maybe it's not buckingham palace, but it's big enough. You already know that it costs more to live in a larger property. More in Utilities and more council tax. Given the importance of the internet to people now, you should also expect to pay extra to cover your whole home with Wi-Fi. As mentioned before, you could use a mesh solution. You should make sure to get a package that you can connect to your router via ethernet. This will be more solid than if you bounce the signal between mesh devices.

Don't want to buy the devices? Join a provider that includes mesh Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi boosters.

First up, we have Sky. Their WiFi Guarantee promises super fast speeds and dedicated customer service.

With Sky Broadband Superfast, they'll guarantee your speed or your money back in the first 30 days. From the bedroom to the kitchen, they guarantee at least 3Mbps WiFi in every room of your home, or they will give you money back.

If speeds are lower than 3Mbps in every room, they'll send a Sky Broadband Booster or an engineer to make sure your home is set up properly.

If you still can't get WiFi in every room, they'll refund the money you paid for your Broadband Boost subscription up unitl the date you reported the issue. They'll even go one step further so you can keep enjoying the other great Boost features on us for the remainder of your contract. See more here.

Next, BT. Their 'Complete Wi-Fi' solution is backed by a similar guarantee to Sky. Wi-Fi mesh discs talk to your hub to create a single seamless network. Devices automatically connect to the hub or disc with the strongest signal, guaranteeing a flawless connection. You should get faster Wi-Fi too, and be able to stream HD content anywhere in your home.

Honestly? We think you should remain independent of your ISP and buy the equipment seperately. Ubiquiti mesh solutions are the best in the market - and they're expensive. But over time, this cost will be justified by the years of solid Wi-Fi you receive as a result. If you go down this route, you can stay focused on our cheapest deals. What else should I think about? Is it your Wi-Fi or your devices? If your laptop is cheap or a bit old, it may not all be the fault of your router.

If you've got a newer device, check it's wireless type against your router. Lots of ISPs send out older type 'wireless N' devices, but the widely-adopted standard over the last few years has been 'wireless AC'. The new standard is wireless AX which will rolled out by ISPs in 2020.

Pete Lowes

Pete has worked in the telecoms industry for 16 years - and launched this comparison service to provide a better deal to customers nationwide.

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