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By Unknown on 04/11/2020 12:14

When it comes to surfing the internet, there's danger everywhere. Viruses, hackers that get a hold of your personal information and clickbait articles are all hazards that anyone can stumble across, and it's hard to know where to turn when you want to be safe online.

Luckily, most home broadband providers include some form of anti-virus software within their package deals, giving some form of internet security. But which service is best for you?

Each of the main providers have online protection for their broadband customers, but what exactly are they offering? Read our article below to make a well-informed decision.


When you sign up for BT broadband, you are automatically provided with their basic security plan, called BT Web Protect, which will give you warnings when you encounter an untrustworthy website. If you want a more optimal security service, you can upgrade to BT Virus Protect, which was created with McAfee

Because of the provision of McAfee, BT Virus Protect costs £4 extra a month, but the first month is free if you're already a broadband, unlimited broadband or superfast fibre customer. BT and McAfee's partnership means that you can expect virus and spyware protection, personal firewalls, and you can even check the performance of your devices. If you have Infinity 1, you can install this service onto two devices, but you can have up to 15 with Infinity 2.

BT virus protection is a very popular choice amongst broadband customers and has an admirable reputation. As well as the benefits listed above, BT also provides parental controls to help protect your children online. It is advised that you keep your systems and software up to date in order to keep the antivirus system performing optimally.


Like BT Web Protect, Sky provides a security service called Sky Broadband Shield for all broadband customers at no extra cost. This will block suspicious websites known for containing malware, and comes with parental controls to keep your children safe from any online dangers.

Similarly to BT, McAfee Security Centre is included with Sky Broadband, but on a free trial basis for 12 months. After this period is up, pricing goes up to £3 per month. This includes rejecting phishing sites, Wi-Fi protection, plus much more.

This service can be installed on up to three computers, which is ideal if you do most of your browsing on your PC and need that extra protection. However, it cannot be included on phones, Apple computers or tablets, and it isn't particularly helpful if you have a large family.

Also, if your email address is registered to Sky Yahoo Mail, you can set up features to monitor the safety of your incoming emails.

Virgin Media

With BT and Sky, you get one security service included in your broadband plan automatically. With Virgin Media, you get two; Web Safe and F-Secure.

Web Safe is Virgin's basic security plan. It offers network-level protection and blocks suspicious sites that may contain malware. It also comes with parental controls, much like its competitors.

F-Secure provides these attributes, plus so much more. It offers virus and identity protection, email blockers, and personal firewalls. Your first year with Virgin Media antivirus protection is free, and after that period you can continue with its service with the price discounted.

F-Secure can be installed on up to five devices, and includes PC's, Mac's, phones and tablets. The download of this package is free, and their security hub provides users with a help forum should they need any assistance. Like BT, Virgin advises customers to keep their software and systems up to date.

Talk Talk

Talk Talk's basic broadband security package is called HomeSafe, and operates much like it's competitors' standard service. It blocks inappropriate content that your children might see, gives out virus alerts for certain websites, and allows parental controls.

Talk Talk's SuperSafe bundle costs an extra £2 a month. This includes a more secure, safe service for your devices, such as virus and identity protection, extended parental controls, and anti-theft features in case your phone is lost, stolen or misplaced. This software can be installed on up to 8 devices, including computers, phones and tablets.

In Conclusion

Security online is important to everyone, and shouldn't be overlooked when choosing your broadband package and provider. If security is of most importance to you, it's worth taking some time to really look into each provider's plan when it comes to antivirus protection and security online.

We hope that our article has provided you with more insight into the workings of different broadband providers' online security options. If you want to weigh up your options on other topics as well, try out our broadband comparison service today.


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