How to complain about broadband service the right way.

By Pete Lowes on 15/02/2020 03:34

You've had enough.

Your old broadband provider was either too slow, too expensive, or the service didn't cut it. We're here for you! Not only are we searching every day for the best offers, we've also got some advice to make sure you start your new service without a hitch.

When looking for a new provider, think about why you left the old one.

This is so important and is often overlooked when customers are searching for a new deal.

If there are wifi dead spots in your home, what does your new provider say about their router? You could be in for more of the same. If your line was faulty every time it rained, you're in danger of starting a new contract using the exact same piece of cable!

Remember that most providers use the same phone line.

So if you've got a dodgy overhead cable, we'd recommend leaving your old connection live and having a new line/full provide so that you're visited by an Openreach engineer - who will install a new socket and hopefully a new line. If there is a 'pending cease' on the old line (so you've arranged to cancel your old service), the engineer is usually instructed to re-use that cabling.

Once your new line is live, simply cancel the old service. There may be a small extra charge for doing it this way, but it can solve certain long-standing technical woes.

Another way to avoid the same cabling is to move to a provider on a completely different physical network, such as Virgin Media. This is the only way around low speed issues that were caused by your line too.

It's not always just about price. 

We believe that we can save most UK customers a serious amount on their home or mobile broadband service, but you need to compare like-for-like.

If you had a '67Mbps' service before, then a 38Mbps service is likely to be cheaper, but you might not like the change in speed. Services over Fibre are sold at speeds between 17Mbps and 1000Mbps! And if you go to a 'average 11Mbps' service, it may well be everything you need, but you have to make that decision carefully - or risk upsetting someone in your home.

For service, we'd recommend getting opinions from people you know - or looking online.

Remember that broadband companies proactively go looking for good Trustpilot and Feefo reviews, so check multiple review sites to get an understanding of the true experience that you're likely to get with a new company. Our own review section is coming soon!

Think about the contract you're entering into.

When you move broadband providers, you're usually out of contract. Are you ready to be tied in for 18 or 24 months with a new supplier? Certain providers offer standard and fibre broadband deals on 12 month terms. They may not be the dead cheapest, but they aren't tying you in for as long.

Saying goodbye to your old provider. Some things to remember.

Send your old router back with proof of postage.
They will have a way of reusing or recycling it - and you may be charged if you don't keep proof of postage for your own sake - and ask if your supplier will refund the postage costs once you've moved. 

Beware the 'customer care' transfer if you tell your old provider that you're leaving.
This is a sales attempt with someone who's trained and coached on a daily basis to stop you from leaving. In the end, it's your choice, but we'd just remind you of the first section of this article: remember why you left them in the first place.

If you agree to stay, you'll have to make a seperate call to your new provider. it's against OFCOM rules for your current provider to cancel the transfer unless you were specifically lied to or mis-sold in some way. They could be fined or prevented from trading if they intentionally break this rule.

Final bill. What to expect.
Your broadband will end on a random day, and you will usually be billed until this date. You may have call charges added from previous months, and you may be charged for your router. This charge should be refunded if you return it though.

If you decide to leave your provider 'mid-term' before your contract has ended, then you may be charged a certain amount equivalent to your contract length. This cannot be more than you would have paid across the contract if you'd stayed with them, and you should receive some form of discount within your cease bill to reflect savings that your provider made by disconnecting your service.

Companies have been fined for failing to treat customers fairly when generating cease bills. If you're in doubt, feel free to send us a message on facebook or twitter, and we'll do our best to help.

Transfer day. What you'll need to do on the day.

Someone over the age of 18 may need to be at home to allow an Openreach or Virgin engineer access to the property. If the person waiting is under 18, the engineer may not be able to complete your installation. If you miss an appointment for this or any other reason, then your provider may be charged around £100 - and they may pass this cost onto you.

You'll need to plug your new router in, so make sure you have this before you go live. If you don't, check with your new supplier. You'll usually get a WiFi card with details of how to connect. Keep this safe somewhere.

Best of luck. As always, we're here to help if you need any further advice. If you think we've missed anything, we'd love to hear from you. is a growing site, and we appreciate all the help and support we get from customers across the UK.

Pete Lowes

Pete has worked in the telecoms industry for 16 years - and launched this comparison service to provide a better deal to customers nationwide.

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