Hyperoptic Broadband: Everything You Need to Know

By Unknown on 18/11/2020 14:58

Hyperoptic isn't just a new, faster broadband speed. It's also a brand in its own right, just like Virgin Media or Talk Talk. Hyperoptic broadband has the fastest connection in the UK, offering high speeds for low prices, and operates on its own network. However, it isn't widely available, making it a rare occurrence that you will even be able to get it.

Hyperoptic doesn't use standard copper ADSL cables, but in fact, works on its own network of fibre optic cables. When you're thinking of changing your broadband provider, there's a lot of factors you need to take into consideration before moving on. Depending on whether you value download speeds or phone line provision, different broadband providers will be perfect for different people.

Here at Broadband Money Saver, we compare and contrast broadband deals based on the factors that matter to you. Whether you want a fast internet speed or are looking for a TV package, there's a deal out there for you. Wondering whether that deal lies with Hyperoptic? Read our article below to find out.


Hyperoptic broadband prides itself on being the fastest around. Its average speed for downloading and uploading ranges from 50Mbps to 1Gbps, speeds that knock all of their competitors out of the park.

Hyperoptic offers four separate broadband packages, each operating at different speeds for different prices. You can have speeds averaging at 50, 150, 500Mbps and 1Gbps. All contracts last for 12 months. These fast speeds are desirable if you're an avid gamer or streamer, and you won't have to worry about buffering ever again. Hyperoptic ensures that frustration when it comes to slow streaming is a thing of the past.

If you would like to see how your current provider measures up to Hyperoptic, speed test your connection today by using our online speed testing tool. Here at Broadband Money Saver, we can help you compare deals from far and wide, ensuring that you get the best package to suit your needs.


The price of broadband is a big factor for a lot of people. Everyone wants a great deal that has a lot to offer and is within their price range. Hyperoptic offer insanely fast speeds, so their pricing can be steep.

All packages come with unlimited data, free installation and router, and a £29 one-off activation fee. With 50Mbps being their slowest average speed, Hyperoptic offers a £24 a month contract as their cheapest. Their superfast 150Mbps package costs £31 per month, and their ultrafast package costs £37 with 500Mbps. Their fastest speed clocks in at 1Gbps, and costs £42 a month, their most expensive package.

When considering Hyperoptic broadband, it's important to consider whether you want to spend this amount of money on a package that only includes broadband and home phone. Although their download and upload speeds are second-to-none, most providers off some kind of TV or Film incentive when charging customers more than £40 per month.


With the 500Mbps and 1Gbps Hyperoptic deals, customers are provided with a Nokia Hyperhub router, free of charge. Although, if you decide to switch to Hyperoptic, there is a £29 activation fee.

There are incentives for choosing Hyperoptic as your broadband provider. If you wish to pay annually instead of monthly, you have that option, and if you can find the same broadband package anywhere else for cheaper, they promise to match it. Hyperoptic also makes the assurance that they won't raise the price during your commitment period with them, and if things go wrong, you're entitled to compensation.

If you're looking to change to a cheaper provider, but aren't sure where to start, we can help. We compare the likes of Hyperoptic broadband against its top competitors to give you the absolute best deal that suits your preferences and is based on your postcode.


A big downside to Hyperoptic broadband is that it isn't widely available. If you live in large, urban cities such as London, Leeds, Manchester or Birmingham, it's likely that Hyperoptic will be an option for you. However, more rural areas such as small towns and villages probably won't have access.

According to their coverage map, Hyperoptic isn't really available in the South West of England or in most of Scotland and Wales, but it is starting to garner interest in the Midlands and the Northamptonshire area. If you check the map and realise that your postal code area does not accept Hyperoptic, or isn't even registering interest, then it's best to look elsewhere.

If you would like to see if Hyperoptic broadband is available in your area, our comparison tool uses your postcode to determine which providers are at your service, and analyses the best broadband for cost, perks and much more.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of advantages to choosing Hyperoptic broadband as your service provider. A big incentive is their incredibly fast average speeds, which are perfect for those who love online gaming and streaming. Hyperoptic also offers an option for no phone line so you aren't pressured into including a home phone in your contract.

However, Hyperoptic broadband isn't widely available at all, and is only really beneficial for those living in certain big cities. There are also no 'freebies' with Hyperoptic, and no package incentives, such as TV or Film. If you want to see how your broadband measures up with Hyperoptic and other competitors, you can try our broadband comparison service today.


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