4 Tips to Maximise Your Broadband Internet

By Unknown on 18/09/2020 11:38

The internet. We’re all hooked. Broadband service has become one of today’s basic necessities; your day simply won’t go smoothly without a stable source of Facebook updates, Twitter action and maybe even a little time scrolling on TikTok.

Prior to the advent of Wi-Fi or Fibre internet connections, going online was just about having some form of connection to access information or data. Today, however, speed is an essential commodity, which is why maximising your broadband connection is a must.

Simply having an internet connection won’t suffice for your daily use, it should be fast and responsive to be able to cater to all your needs. In order to fully utilise the budget that you’re spending on your internet service provider (ISP), doing some basic checks on your broadband internet connection can go a long way.

Here are four basic tips to follow in order to maximise your broadband internet connection.

Test your speed

Some of the most common reasons for slow internet speeds and unstable connections are external factors. Whether there’s server maintenance going on in your area or an animal messing up the junction box, any external obstacle between you and your provider can be a hurdle.

The best way to really trace the issue is to check your internet speed. Speed tests are available from a wide range of sources, and we have our own speed test here. Why not take a test, and compare the results to the internet speed you’re paying for?

If the numbers don’t match, then it might be time for a change!

Change your modem or router

Regardless of your subscription, your internet connection is only going to be as good as the hardware supporting it. Even if your broadband connection is supposed to give you intense speed, it can be limited if your modem or router can’t work that fast.

The quickest way to check this is to call your ISP and ask them if your router matches your speed package. The rule of thumb is to have your router changed every five years—this way, hardware errors are minimised, while you get to stay on the best speeds possible for your connection.

Check the positioning of your router

The advent of Wi-Fi routers have made it easier to access your internet at almost any place in the house - but this is highly dependent on how you’ve set your Wi-Fi router up. The signal emitted by your router can be interrupted by walls, doors, or even by distance, so appropriate positioning is key to a stable signal.

Try positioning your router at a more central position in your house—this way, the signal can spread evenly throughout the house. The higher you can place the unit, the better it is. For bigger devices, consider utilizing ethernet connections over wi-fi signals—this will provide a more stable and steady connection for the device.

Use signal extenders or powerline adapters

For larger homes, or ones with multiple doors and obstructions, the best option to increase your Wi-Fi’s capabilities is to utilise Wi-Fi extenders or a mesh Wi-Fi network. By placing these devices around your home to cover any dead spots, you can bridge your internet signal all around your home - making it easier for everyone to receive a good Wi-Fi signal without having to move around.

In Conclusion

Having a strong and stable connection is important to get the best from your broadband internet service. If you can’t use your internet properly, then you’re simply flushing your money away.

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